We are a team of oceanographic researchers heading out on a three-week voyage in the Irminger Sea region of the North Atlantic Ocean in June of 2018. The ship's team for this research cruise includes scientists and engineers working on multiple different research projects to understand the physics and biogeochemistry of the North Atlantic, as well as the ship's professional crew.

This blog is led by a team of researchers studying the region's biological carbon pump: Hilary Palevsky is the PI on the project leading our work at sea, and Lucy Wanzer and Emma Jackman are Wellesley College undergraduate students working with our team who will be leading our blogging effort.

We hope you will follow along, and are excited to bring you with us virtually on our voyage! Please feel free to write to us with comments and questions about the experience of doing science at sea, the research we are conducting, or anything else that sparks your curiosity!

The R/V Neil Armstrong alongside an Ocean Observatories Initiative mooring at the Irminger Sea global array site, from the summer of 2017. Photo © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


  1. Hi Hilary, Lucy and Emma,
    I would like to hear about the Irminger Sea: geographically, where are you? what makes it special? who lives there? Is it anywhere near the Sargasso Sea?
    Littleton, Mass.


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